Monday 31 October 2011

Out This Week - 31st October 2011

Blouse - Videotapes

Another beauty from Portland, Oregon's endless supply of great bands. Blouse are a dreampop trio with a retro, 80s feel about them. Their self-titled album is out this week and taken from it is this track, 'Videotapes', which sounds a bit like playing a 30 year old cassette that's seen better days. Getting this effect is probably not easy but it definitely works, adding to the organic, dreamlike quality.

Blouse, "Videotapes" by The FADER

Blouse on Bandcamp

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Parenthetical Girls - A Note To Self

Talking of Portland - the city is currently home to Washington natives Parenthetical Girls who this week release new EP 'Privilege, Pt.IV', which includes the superb 'A Note To Self'. Also boasting a slightly 80s, alternative sound, this track surges along before borrowing the drum beat from Bow Wow Wow's 'C30, C60, C90, Go', top it off with a yearning vocal and you end up with a winning tune.

Parenthetical Girls - A Note to Self by

Free download: A Note To Self

Parenthetical Girls' website

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Trailer Trash Tracys - Wish You Were Red

 London collective Trailer Trash Tracys have a new double A-side single out this week, the best of the two tracks is the rather ace 'Wish You Were Red'. Kicking off with a beat not a million miles away from a Clinic song, and then nicking the riff from 'Baba O'Riley, it may have borrowed from the past but it makes for a mysterious, soporific, treble-heavy new sound.

Trailer Trash Tracys - You Wish You Were Red by DominoRecordCo

Trailer Trash Tracys' website

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Girls Names - Black Saturday

Earlier this year Belfast trio Girls Names released their debut album 'Dead To Me', and not being ones to mess about, they're already releasing brand new material. New single 'Black Saturday' is not dissimilar to the kind of music Minks are currently creating. There's a hint of The Cure and a hint of Hidden Cameras in its upbeat, post-punk canter, and that's no bad thing at all.

Girls Names - Black Saturday by Slumberland Records

Girls Names website

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Two Wounded Birds - Together Forever

If you can ignore the try-hard look of leathers and shades and concentrate on the actual song you will find a thing of simple beauty. Two Wounded Birds hail from the un-rock 'n' roll town of Margate. Their new single 'Together Forever' packs a heck of a lot of melodic pop-punk thrills into its two-minutes-fifteen-seconds duration. This must be superb to pogo along to at gigs, it's a little bundle of pure, high octane fun.

Two Wounded Birds - Together Forever by Anorak London

Two Wounded Birds' website

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  1. Is the full title of that Trailer Trash Tracy's song:

    'Wish You Were Red - But You're Not, You Are Blue And You Wont Stop Taunting Me About The Six One, Thank God We Live In London With All The Other Reds Otherwise It Would Be Torture - Sack Fergie'?

  2. I did think about putting some kind of football based pun in there actually. But I decided it would be a cheap and immature thing to do.

  3. ...and inevitably would lead to me mentioning the six-one!

  4. Like you needed encouragement! Enjoy your moment in the sun while it lasts.