Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Whyte Horses - La Couleur Originelle

Article by KevW

Whether or not Manchester-based group White Horses actually have any connection to France we can't tell, but as the title of this new track would suggest, it is their chosen language in which to sing. But, hey, they've supported Silver Apples and had The Go! Team mastermind Ian Parton DJ at their gigs, so they can do whatever the heck they like as far as we're concerned. Saying that, shared stages and great connections are one thing, but ultimately bands should be judged on their own merits - what they do, not who they know.

They describe themselves as a psychedelic pop group and they're not wrong, but it's a different kind of psych. That genre, almost invariably, throws up comparisons to '60s groups, and 'La Couleur Originelle' is no different. What is different is that it's the French ye-ye scene and the vintage pop that it threw out that is recalled here, and this is where this group and The Go! Team cross paths. Without wishing to labour the point about the French sound, fans of Stereolab could do worse than get stuck into this too. It really is a fine piece of bright and uplifting alternative pop music, and listening to a few other snippets from the band, their debut album 'Pop Or Not' (due next year) is lining up to be a corker.

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