Friday, 27 November 2015

Get Me Free #93: Embers - The Bitten Tongue

Article by KevW

I'm sure we weren't the only ones thinking that we'd heard the last from Manchester's Embers. It was late 2012 that we caught wind of the band through a couple of immensely impressive live performances and went on to include them in our tips for 2013 list. But then... silence. Quite why we don't know, and it's probably none of our business anyway, but the surprise announcement of a new single this week was a very welcome bolt out of the blue - especially as the band launched it with the words "We've been away far, far too long. Never again". So does this mean we can look forward to live shows next year? An album maybe?

Future plans will reveal themselves in due course, but the quartet seem intent on not leaving us waiting, and new track 'The Bitten Tongue' is big and bold enough to act like a statement of intent. Mind you, the same goes for everything they'd done so far. It doesn't sound as though Embers have changed too much since we last heard from them; the grandeur and ambition is still in evidence, but perhaps 'The Bitten Tongue' is slightly less cinematic, although its no less powerful for it. Thunderous drums and an expansive, all-conquering sound mean that this is still a group to make you stand up and take notice. One of the most promising alternative rock bands have awoken from their slumber, and they seem ready to blow similar acts out of the water.

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