Sunday, 29 November 2015

National Pastime - Bring Me Your Sunshine

Article by KevW

National Pastime have always been a prolific group, and this is surely down to the fact that they contain multiple songwriters, not least the even more prolific Andy B. With Andrew Padfield covering lead vocals and Chris Head on drums, they're set to release their fourth full-length early next year (I know they like to live in the past a little musically, but I'm guessing the date of "early 2015" on the press release is a typo!) - and if they didn't have enough talent in the band, for this album they're joined by Scott Morrison, leader of recently revived C86 types The Morrisons and solo artist in his own right. So we can perhaps expect new material even more frequently in the future...

The title-track to 'Bring Me Your Sunshine' doesn't break from the retro indiepop sound that both the band and their label Pastime Records have become known for. There's a familiar sadness to the vocals and lyrics which is enhanced by simple piano notes, but the addition of Morrison means that the flashes of lead guitar are particularly effective. 'Do What You Do' also has an '80s sound, but they mix in a little '60s psychedelic garage thanks again to the neat guitar line. The themes of lost love and reminiscing about days gone by that have hallmarked their music are intact across these four songs that feel as though they were written late at night when the mind somehow becomes more reflective than in the cold light of day. Pretty slowie 'Summer Haze' talks of broken hearts to a soft keyboard backing with fresh-sounding guitar strums and is melodically a little different to some of the group's previous material. Finally, 'Perfect In Every Way' is unmistakably National Pastime in its writing, but with maybe a touch grittier guitar work blending in with the organ. Fans of vintage indie won't be let down by 'Bring Me Your Sunshine', and as it's essentially an album sampler, you'd have to say the future looks bright.

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