Monday, 2 November 2015

Get Me Free #79: Broken Boy - Kilogram

Article by KevW

Scottish trio Broken Boy have been together for around three years now, and their new single, 'Ready', couldn't be better named. The group do seem to have honed their sound and are beginning to look like a potential breakthrough act. Out on November 20th, 'Ready' is backed by a song that long-time fans of the band may already know, as 'Kilogram' itself was a single in the dying days of 2013, but deservedly gets a reappraisal here.

This is a track that showcases Broken Boy really well, and you can see why they've been compared to some of the past decade or so's more prominent guitar bands, including Arctic Monkeys, Kings Of Leon and The Strokes. There is a slight garage-rock slant to 'Kilogram', but also a sonic force that could give many alternative rock bands a run for their money. They're showing a sound that has commercial potential but isn't overly produced, too slick or too "stadium", all of which gives these guys a fighting chance of becoming much better known than they already are.

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