Monday, 9 November 2015

FEWS - The Zoo

Article by KevW

The internet has broken down a lot of barriers in terms of musical collaborations. A group can record and release a record without having ever met, sending separate parts back and forth by email to be worked on. That approach wouldn't work for Swedish/American quartet FEWS, a band who've built momentum by performing live, so having a base in London would seem to be the ideal location. Musically they don't pull any punches, and the propulsive new single 'The Zoo' exemplifies this approach, combining genres with ease and not holding back.

The Dan Carey-produced track has a driving, krautrock beat, post-punk guitars and bass, a darkwave undercurrent and an insatiable appetite for filling every second with sound; you don't get short-changed here. There's more than a taste of Goth, as well as the odd hint of shoegaze and post-rock, as if FEWS want to throw all their favourite bands into one song. The results of this could be cluttered and somewhat messy, but the opposite is what really occurs. 'The Zoo' is a potent cocktail of styles that compliment each other and gel perfectly, making for a single that has enough energy to power a good few light bulbs.

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