Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Vapour Night - Snow Fled

Article by Ethan Donway

'Snow Fled': big electric guitars and electronic drum beats meet ethereal vocals in a gothy-feeling approach to songwriting. This is Vapour Night's second album and it is all recorded in a home studio. The production is impressive; if you like gloomy electro-rock then this is for you. The Cure is responsible for some of this I think, then the guitars are replaced by an ocean of synth. In the second song it's more rock 'n' roll, real drums, still sad and Cure-like, though not as affected.

This is sad music from a dark cold place... it's all ghosts and loneliness and even lonely ghosts. This even shows in the band name, Vapour Night. As you can see by the spelling of vapour (as opposed to vapor), they are from the UK, way in the north of Scotland on the isle of Lewis. Here are some of Vapour Nights cheery lyrics:

"After years of blinding white
it still falls like sand
through these crippled hands
So we'll stay until we can't hold on
Until all our words fail
Until our bitter end"

'Snow Fled' is available now as a name-your-price download via Bandcamp.

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