Monday, 9 November 2015

Over Sands - New Year

Article by KevW

You might think they're jumping the gun a bit by releasing a track called 'New Year' when it's only November, but lyrically it's about the future, with the present seemingly being represented as a haze/daze in which you become lost or trapped, leading to the refrain of "I'll come around in the new year". Taken from the self-titled debut EP by London brothers Over Sands, 'New Year' seems very much like a product of its environment(s) and the unusual writing and recording locations used on the EP - the backing vocals for the track 'Hounds' were recorded in an abandoned WWII bunker - and much of the EP was written in a remote beach house off the east coast of England, perhaps leading to their chosen moniker.

That dreamy seclusion comes across clearly on this soft, layered, electronic, misty-eyed song, and the fact that it was recorded in the railway arch in which they live adds further intrigue as to how this pastel-shaded, psychedelic piece of fantasy-land indie was created (a train timetable was needed to ensure the lines above were clear so as to get e clean take). A form of escapism, maybe? It certainly sounds like it, as the layers of sound carry you away to a calmer, more celestial place where the worries of day-to-day life dissipate into nothingness. For a debut release, 'Over Sands' is incredibly accomplished and the attention to detail puts some other dreampop acts to shame. We probably haven't heard the last of this pair.

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