Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Get Me Free #90: Manwomanchild - Return To Ithaca

Article by KevW

Philadelphia's Manwomanchild derive their name (presumably) from main man David Child, but they haven't always been based in Philly. Initially starting in Rhode Island in 2008, Manwomanchild were also based in Chicago where they released their first EP, but the sound of new single 'Return To Ithaca' is actually very British (all the more unusual considering that they've recorded a song in support of the Chilean national football team which received a good amount of attention in the South American country) and is comprised of similar influences to those that Theatre Royal have used.

As you may know from that band, this means songwriting of a very high standard, as well as a mixture of indie-rock and indiepop with undertones of folk that occasionally recall the likes of The Waterboys. 'Return To Ithaca' switches from spangly guitar and pensive verses to a more upbeat and memorable chorus that lends itself nicely to repeat plays. In terms of arrangement you wouldn't want any more than is already there. A violin and some backing vocals make a brief appearance and the bassline is spot-on, anything more would begin to choke the song. One for those who love classic-sounding guitar-pop.

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