Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Get Me Free #87: Fish Tank - Barbarella

Article by KevW

Formed in Kent while at University back in 2011, Fish Tank consist of Ed Wetenhall (Guitar / Vocals), Joe Jeffcoate (Drums) and Joe Nash (Bass), and have become known for chaotic live shows. Even listening to 'Barbarella' (which is described as showing a "catchier" side to the band) it's easy to see why things could become a little raucous, especially if other tracks are perhaps a touch more brutal and punkier. This is bursting with unbridled energy.

What at first comes over as a reasonably routine (but highly competent) piece of angular punk rock soon shows a lighter side, if only in terms of melody. Imagine a snottier Gang Of Four with added anger and added fun and you get a decent comparison to the general sound. By the time they hit the chorus that melody is whipped out and a poppier side to Fish Tank is unveiled, and it is, as described, pretty darn catchy. If these guys can keep this balance right, they could see their fanbase swell.

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