Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Scarlet Echo - Emergency Exit

Article by KevW

As you may have noticed, we love bands' descriptions of their own music. With regular genre names becoming more irrelevant and bleeding closer into one another by the day, it's always good to hear what the artists themselves would go with. So how about "ferocious echsopheric music" then? That's what Essex group Scarlet Echo are going with, although we're not quite sure what "echospheric" means, but it does, curiously, seem to fit. They also go with electronic shoegaze, which may be fitting for some of their tracks, but perhaps not current single 'Emergency Exit' which is from their recently released album 'An Exact Portrayal Of Nothing In Particular'.

There is a large electronic element to 'Emergency Exit', but it's more in line with new-wave, and it does have a certain ferocity too. This is a galloping tune with a prominent post-punk bassline and a hint of goth. You could easily believe this was released in the first half of the '80s (they do mention "1984", but in the context of the song that's clearly the book, not the year). Given the media panic of recent events between Turkey and Russia, you couldn't blame anyone for wanting to take the emergency exit right now, and there's something urgent and post-apocalyptic about this song which seems oddly relevant. It'll blow the cobwebs away at any rate.

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