Tuesday, 24 November 2015

SKATERS - Mental Case

Article by KevW

The avid TV fans among you will probably recognise 'Arrested Development' actress Alia Shawkat in this new video by New York "plasma punk" (whatever that means) group SKATERS, and having a star turn in the visuals for one of your songs doesn't do any harm, but the single alone is good enough to get attention of its own accord. Formed in 2012, the band have previously released music through Warner Brothers, but 'Mental Case' marks the return to their DIY roots - despite the celebrity cameo, the video was pretty cheap to make, so they've done a great job there.

Musically though, there's not much sign of SKATERS going all bedroom-pop on us, and 'Mental Case' is fully loaded with a string section to augment what is quite a thoughtful, '90s-flavoured indie/pop tune. Taking a little from slacker types such as Pavement, and also borrowing (intentionally or otherwise) from certain Britpop tracks, this is a tuneful and accessible number that manages not to lose any of its independent/alternative charm while it's at it. In some ways this could be seen as a new phase for the band, but musically, it's simply a continuation of the good work they've done so far.

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