Monday, 30 November 2015

Dumbo Gets Mad - Andromedian Girl

Article by KevW

This week will see the release of the third album by Italian psych duo Dumbo Gets Mad whose 'Quantum Leap' LP we reviewed a couple of years back. 'Thank You Neil' promises to be a dozen more cosmic dreampop tunes that belong to a strange and futuristic time. Perhaps the Neil in question is the late astronaut Neil Armstrong, as they do have an obsession with the universe beyond our little planet. Nothing we've heard from them so far could be classed as space-rock, but it has been a bit out of this world at times.

Take new single 'Andromedian Girl' for example - it takes the location quite a way further than Ash did on their classic indie-punk tune 'Girl From Mars', and sonically its quite different too. With lethargically lovely instrumentation that's precise and drowsy in all the right ways, plus soft and relaxed vocals that match it perfectly, this is almost an update of something that could have appeared on Air's 'Moon Safari' album, and will likely appeal to fans of the French band. Really this is a relaxing form of musical escapism, and you don't really want it to end.

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