Sunday, 15 November 2015

Get Me Free #85: Tangela - Girls Are Gone (You Have No Fun)

Article by KevW

It's perhaps difficult to spot that Tangela is the solo project of Erik Smidvik of dreamy Swedish indiepoppers Georgian Waters, as his new music is not only different but quite varied. Having found himself unemployed and depressed, Smidvik decided he no longer cared about how he was supposed to sound, and retreated to his home studio to begin work on a set of tunes that will be released as an EP at the end of the month. Forthcoming single 'Dreamgirl' is maybe closest to the music made by his band, but elsewhere things are more surprising.

Free track 'Girls Are Gone (You Have No Fun') has already been rightly compared to Stereo MCs and Happy Mondays, and it certainly wouldn't have sounded out of place in the early '90s indie-dance scene, but there's a strong pop element too. The tribal drums could be from a Bow Wow Wow record, and the production isn't a million miles away from the likes of Dee-Lite, but there's a blistering rock guitar solo that appears out of nowhere and briefly morphs the song into something else. Fans of Georgian Waters and bands of that ilk may take a couple of spins to absorb this, but it is, refreshingly, the sound of a man doing what the heck he likes and coming up with an interesting alt-pop melee in the process. Tangela is a very intriguing prospect.

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