Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Get Me Free #86: Constant Supply - She's Voyeuristic

Article by KevW

Donegal quintet Constant Supply have just released their second album 'Ex Nihilo', the follow-up to 2013's 'The Coast Ain't Clear', and anyone who's been following the band since then (or even from their debut EP five years ago) will have noticed an expansion in the line-up of the group who began as a duo. So how do they sound with a few extra members? Pretty darn good thank you very much! The style of the new material doesn't see a drastic change in direction, but it is perhaps a little fuller and better realised.

Single 'She's Voyeuristic', much like previous tracks, shows a strong '90s indie and alt-rock influence and bridges the divide between the two sides of the Atlantic which was evident at the time. There are echoes of certain early Blur tracks, but also the slacker rock of Pavement and co. It's not all retro though, and you can detect hints of Arctic Monkeys too, so its something of a distillation of a couple of generations of alternative music with a slight lo-fi edge but a pop sensibility. This is a tune that begins to get naggingly catchy after a few spins and will hopefully expand their profile a bit more.

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