Saturday, 14 November 2015

Half - Last Kiss

Article by KevW

From the little information posted on his internet pages, we can tell you that Half is a producer based in Gateshead who's so far released two singles (including this one) which have begun to catch the attention of the shoegaze/dreampop world, with a few of our favourite organisations (The Shoegaze Collective, Primal Radio...) already having cottoned on. Apparently a full album is recorded and ready to go, so we could be hearing more before too long. Although Half does fit both the shoegaze and dreampop tags, there's a bit more going on than just that.

New single 'Last Kiss' is essentially an ambient piece that involves elements of post-rock as well as the ethereal loveliness you may expect. Half describes his music as "guitar-based", but in this instance it's piano that takes the lead as other wisps and washes of sound drift through the song like clouds on a sunny day. A choppy beat even hints at folktronica. So I guess we'll learn more when the album arrives, but Half is a name worth jotting down, and 'Last Kiss' is a dreamy wonderland that's definitely worthy of a visit.

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