Friday, 7 June 2013

Weirds - Crocodile

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We were sure there'd already been a band called Weirds but it seems we were wrong. If not then there should of been; it's a good band name. Well, it's a good band name unless you make dull singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran/Ben Howard/Newton Zzzzzzzz type music, but when you learn that a band are being produced by a member of current psych-rock buzz band Hookworms you can safely assume that this is unlikely. So this debut single from Leeds band Weirds does indeed rock, and it does indeed do so in a kinda psychedelic way. It's also not short on noise (in just the right amount), thundering drums and squealing guitars.

With a top-drawer riff to kick-start the song, it's not long before some heavily affected vocals begin to preach a near indecipherable message to tortured guitar sounds, and this is done as though it's a matter of life or death; they don't hold back. Just as you're settling into the song they change the tempo into something more fluid for a brief period, and then do a u-turn back to the stuttering, and pained sounds that began the song. As debuts go it's come at a perfect time and nailed its colours to the mast. Perhaps this lot can follow in Hookworms' footsteps (or slither marks?) and generate their own buzz, and we don't just mean with guitar pedals.

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