Friday 7 June 2013

KynchinLay - Public Execution

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Although this is the first time Liverpool trio KynchinLay (it's pronounced "kin-chin-lay") have featured on The Sound Of Confusion, they've actually been a going concern since 2008, however new single 'Public Execution' is their first single since 2010, so you could consider this to be a comeback. Not knowing their previous material, it's difficult for me personally to comment on whether this is up to past standards. What I can say with some conviction though, is that if this song is below par for them, then their past releases must have been something very special. 'Public Execution' is a mixture of styles and a big song.

You can hear post-punk here, but mixed with it is more conventional rock, along with a touch of psychedelia and garage, plus enough melody and depth to open it up to a wider audience. While it's hardly likely to set the charts alight, it could easily find favour in the world of alternative music blogs, podcasts, radio shows and so on, and this way the band could build a decent fanbase. By the time this track reaches its end it seems to have stepped up a couple of levels from how it began. Hopefully the band are all set to follow suit.

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