Friday, 7 June 2013

Nadia Nair - The Bon Voyage EP

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A few months on from unveiling the single of the same name, Swedish artist Nadia Nair releases 'The Bon Voyage' EP, three tracks that further stake her claim to be taken as seriously and potentially enjoy the same success as some of the other great Scandi-pop that makes its way to the UK and is generally a good deal better than the vacuous state of our own pop scene. As you may remember from the title-track, Nadia Nair is someone with a fine set of pipes and can bellow out some quaking soul when required, although there's a little more to this EP than that.

A more straightforward alt-pop sound is allowed to take the lead. 'Monika The Brave' mixes traditional pop with extra guitars and a few tasters of the force of those vocals. Blank out the odd piece of choice language and there's the possibility of a radio hit with this one. For a second you're tricked into thinking that 'Kharma' is about to take you on a mysterious voyage, which it kind of does, although not in the way you expect. That spooky beginning gives way to something far more heavy. There's a lot of thunderous percussion and deep, throbbing bass and guitar; if "heavy-pop" is a genre then this is what it sounds like. Finishing with the now familiar bellow of 'Bon Voyage' it's become clear over the course of these three songs that Nadia Nair is an artist who means serious business, and we're not going to stand in her way.

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