Friday 14 June 2013

The Night Jars - Drones

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London band The Night Jars would like to bludgeon our ears with a blunt instrument. We'd prefer it if they put their instruments to good use and recorded some songs instead, and thankfully that's just what they've done. All signs here, from the medieval doctor's mask to the band name, point to something dark, and this we duly get on 'Drones'. The video for this track is worth mentioning too; it mixes retro sci-fi cartoons with images of the animated computer systems singing along to the song. It's an interesting one for sure, and makes a change from your standard video fare.

'Drones' itself has its roots in post-punk, although the band cite old blues and garage records as an influence too, but these would have had their own influence on post-punk, so it's very much this era that The Night Jars recall here with their music which they throw everything into. 'Drones' sounds like a band giving it everything they've got. Apparently this is still a demo at the moment, so when they record a final version of the song it could sound bigger than a very very big thing. At least that's what we're hoping for, you can't beat a bit of brute force to drive home your ideas with when it comes to music of this ilk.

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