Thursday 13 June 2013

Spring King - V-V-V-Vampire

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There seems to be a deliberate lack of information available about Spring King, although it appears they only formed in March so maybe they're testing the waters before giving out too many details. But then it's all about the music anyway, maaaan. So this, as far as we know, is the only track online from this apparently UK-based band, and it comes with a low-budget video that ties in with the low-budget sound they make rather well. Both are a bit creepy and a bit psychotic. It's a fun video to watch though, and difficult to take your eyes off.

As for the song, well that's like some kind of modern garage/psychobilly update that combines the sounds of lo-fi, no-wave bands with that of legends like The Cramps or early Misfits. The vocals are a mess of distortion, the guitars are surprisingly fresh and the drums are battered like hell. In fact the who shebang sounds a little bit like all hell breaking loose in a studio where a jangly indie band are trying to record, and instead end up becoming possessed by demons and churning out this energetic ball of fuzz. It's a whole lot of messy fun.

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