Thursday, 13 June 2013

DAVIDS - Dead Walkie

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It would be one of the big surprises of the summer transfer dealings if Barnet player-manager and general Dutch footballing legend Edgar Davids announced he was quitting the game to pursue a career in music. However, this DAVIDS is, of course, someone entirely different. A resident of Toronto, DAVIDS says he started making music when he moved back home and his parents didn't seem to mind. So that's a bonus. Plus, it's led to the release of his EP '0613', from which new single 'Dead Walkie' and its video of scantily-clad French people is taken.

The song is electronic music, but not, as you may expect, either chillwave or EDM, the products of most bedroom producers. 'Dead Walkie' is a chilled track though, and one with an insistent, slow, repetitive beat that almost feels like footsteps. The song isn't as pedestrian as that though; it contains a few other nice touches that take the attention away from the rather hypnotic basis for the tune. So it works in two ways; one is the repetitiveness that kind of hooks you in, and the other is the vocals and melody which mark it out as a pop track as much as an electronica one. Oh, and he's got his own place now, just in case you were wondering.

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