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Pelican HOAX - EP

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There seem to be an awful lot of faces on that cover art, so we'll assume it's not the band then. Montreal's Pelican HOAX consist of just the four members and they first unleashed this EP on an unsuspecting world back in 2011. Of course, as the world was unsuspecting they didn't really hear about it. So now that they've hooked up with a label and have re-released this bunch of songs in a variety of different digital stores, the world (or some of it at least) is ready to listen. It'd be a good move on their part to do so, as there's some good stuff here. 'What If We All Knew The Truth' poses an interesting question and does it to the tune of a great powerpop/indie song. If you're expecting to find "the truth" via this song then the line on the band's website that says "the truth probably doesn't make sense" probably puts paid to that.

The powerpop side of things appears to be a one-off, as 'Figments' drops down to mid-pace and the excellent 'You Are A Saint' with its female vocal may be a highlight and does contain some force to it, but it's not the comparative rush of the opener. It's still a fine experimental indie-rock track with plenty of changes and twists to it. 'Las Americas' has a more conventional format but, as the title suggests, it incorporates elements of music right right across the American countries, Latin America in particular. Again it's an adventurous track with more twists and turns. The songs may be substantial and varied, but it's 'Neverending Wishlist' that marks the EP's most epic moment, with a slow piano intro and a whole new atmosphere; one of sorrow and heartache and a stirring sampled speech. They end things in a relatively downbeat way with the simple, piano-led 'Home Is A Feeling Pt. 2', and this only adds further diversity to their repertoire. Pelican HOAX certainly aren't short of an idea or two.

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