Sunday 16 June 2013

The Creeping Ivies - Spinning

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Right, well we can continue our "guess what the song sounds like from the band name and artwork" game on this one. The Creeping Ivies? Sounds like a Cramps reference; the artwork also looks rather spooky with the style of writing, skulls, knives and so on. So we're looking at garage-rock, stripped right down with a possible hint of psychobilly then. All agreed? We're correct! The Creeping Ivies are a duo from Scotland and 'Spinning' is taken from their debut album 'Stay Wild' which is out now. It sounds exactly as you'd guessed/hoped. This is raw and primal, simplistic and has attitude.

Beginning with a punky garage riff, the vocals are belted out with an acidic tongue and drums pound and rattle like early Jesus & Mary Chain, the structure is a simple one and the tempo of the song doesn't change at all. In fact this song barely changes musically at all from start to finish, just looping the same basic elements. The only other point of note is a piercing guitar solo but still the song doesn't break stride. This is simple, rough, rock 'n' roll thrills just as they should be. Creepy and wild.

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