Friday, 7 June 2013

Love And Radiation - Heart Eater

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With his Third Man Records label, Jack White is known for making super limited edition releases on unusual formats, some of which it's virtually impossible to play, such as a single that needed a turntable running at 3rpm. He's not the only one interested in the fascinating world of rock 'n' roll memorabilia though, Chicago's Love And Radiation have their own rarity available for a limited time, although you wouldn't call their music rock 'n' roll. Until June 12th, the Notes + Bolts label will be producing lathe-cut versions of new single 'Heart Eater'. For the uninitiated, this means the records are cut in real time to a square piece of vinyl, presumably to order. So get in quick if you want to take advantage of the offer.

The song is taken from the duo's recent album 'You Will Know Me', and like we said, it's not rock 'n' roll; these guys make rather dashing electro-pop instead. Often labelled as darkwave, there's a little more light about this song, although it's hardy one to get your kid's birthday party started. What it is is a very good track that doesn't suffer from style of content (a common problem with darkwave/witch house and similar genres). This is a proper tune with a sharp clicking beat and almost retro-sounding electronics that screech their way through the song. Offsetting this all nicely is a fine vocal that balances everything beautifully. They're not just a pretty piece of merchandise y'know.

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