Friday, 7 June 2013

David Bronson - Outside

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Are you currently under the influence of any hallucinogenic drugs? If so we've got a real treat for you here. In the video below you will probably discover the meaning of life, how the universe works and just what it's for and who's behind it. Us? We're buggered if we can make head nor tail of what's going on in the bizarre animation that accompanies New York singer-songwriter David Bronson's new single 'Outside'. Answers on a postcard, or alternatively send them telepathically through the ether if you're currently feeling as though that's a viable option.

This track is taken from his album 'Story' which was released last year and the song is nothing like as odd and baffling as the promo. 'Outside' is a delicate, dreamy number with quietly wailing guitars in the background and the slight hint of alt-country about its general construction. Much like previous single 'Watch The Sun (October Reprise)' the vocals are quite beautiful, but mixed with these misty-eyed sounds they take on a different feel that harks back to CSNY as well as bands like Mojave 3. Lovely song, head-scratching video.

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