Saturday, 8 June 2013

K.S. Rhodes - Harvest

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Nashville's obviously had its role to play in creating modern music as we know it, and Nashville musician K.S. Rhodes seems more than happy to continue looking forward, not to the city's past. After all, the musicians who made it such an important location were at the cutting edge of music, not retracing steps of people fifty years before them. So his new album 'The Wilderness' may be the work of a singer-songwriter, but one that's keen to embrace other sounds out there, in fact just about anything going so long as it sounds good. Indie, classical, hip-hop, rock - if it fits then use it.

Free single 'Harvest' could be a routine alt-country track, much like you may expect someone down Tennessee way to be making, but there's a whole lot more here. An atmospheric introduction doesn't quite sound like the music of old, and when the big beats hit you realise that Rhodes is going somewhere else entirely. The whistling adds a certain Western feel to proceedings, but those sampled beats and the orchestral break in the middle prevent this track from being pinned down to anything. The best we can do is grand experimental pop/rock, and that barely does it justice.

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