Saturday, 8 June 2013

My Electric Sky - Last Great Escape/Plastic Parts

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Another triumph! It was back in March that we were waxing lyrical about new band My Electric Sky, we described them as being so new that they were still warm out of the oven. They may have cooled now but the extra time has only made them more palatable, and now they release their debut single. The duo have opted for a double A-side, something that's a good move considering the consistency of the few tracks we've heard so far; it would be unfair to select any particular song for top billing. Both 'Last Great Escape and 'Plastic Parts' show an individual take on the current craze for all things that mix indie, electro and pop together, and this gives them a fighting chance of getting noticed.

'Last Great Escape' was one of the songs we heard back in the spring and it sounded like a delicate and sentimental pop tune then, now with a few months to mature it sounds even better with the added familiarity. The vocals display emotion in a way that's the perfect match for the music. And the music is obviously an important factor, but it's the way that My Electric Sky keep things reasonably understated despite the layers of sound that does the trick. Pomp and ceremony wouldn't work here and it's to their credit that they realise this. New to our ears, 'Plastic Parts' could end up being a favourite. Just a touch more grandeur is allowed here as the song deals with starker subject matter and changing paces. The almost crude percussion works wonderfully and offsets the soft vocals really well. A debut single, and one that will hopefully be the first of many.

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