Saturday, 8 June 2013

Saturday Looks Good To Me - Break In

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This is the second single we've featured from Saturday Looks Good To Me's album 'One Kiss Ends It All', following 'Invisible Friend' a couple of months back, and as this is the song that contains the album's name in its lyrics then we can kind of regard it as being the title-track. Sound-wise it's like indiepop given a new intensity; as though it were a five year old child given incredibly strong coffee for the first time. It buzzes with a crazed energy and some surprising twists and turns, but it'll probably have some kind of hangover or comedown in a few hours.

A reasonably mundane, twinkly indiepop intro gives way to the chorus which is the album's title repeated over and over - and then the caffeine kicks in. An unexpected brass section that could have been lifted wholesale from a Wizzard song suddenly jumps out, at first seeming out of place but within a few seconds convincing you that it has every right to be there. The rest of the song then seems to take a leap of pace and urgency and the drums sound as though they're being struck that little bit harder and the guitars thrashed a bit more vigorously. 'Break In' is a right little fuzz-bomb.

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Sep 26 Hunter's Ale House (Midwest Fest), Mount Pleasant, MI
Sep 26 Pygmalion Music Festival, Champaign, IL
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