Thursday, 13 June 2013

iida - Life Will Kill You

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The 100 Songs label has been turning up some great stuff during its run, and this track from iida is up there with the best. As far as we can tell, she's a young Swedish singer-songwriter and has only been making music (other than as a hobby) for a year or so; what other releases are available we're not sure. So 'Life Will Kill You' might be the first we've heard from her, but we're hoping it's not the last, as she's got that same musical DNA that some of her fellow countrymen and women have that combines more alternative sounds with pop music to create a higher quality of (what should be) commercial music.

Sounding commercial needn't be a bad thing: The Beatles and The Rolling Stones both sold shit-loads of records. Given current trends, iida probably won't be riding the crest of a wave up the charts yet, but if she continues to make fun, catchy, credible and well-written alt-pop like this then maybe her luck will change. To be honest we're getting a bit sick of complaining about the charts, but is is a personal bugbear that certain artists get so much media attention through their connections than more talented and interesting artists like iida, someone who should be enjoying a spell in the limelight with this fine song.

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