Monday, 17 June 2013

Ifé - Detroit Blues

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As everyone knows, the city of Detroit has as rich a musical history as most places going. Perhaps the most recent Detroit scene to capture some mainstream success was the blues-rock reinvention spearheaded by The White Stripes and co. at the turn of the century. This may be a few years ago now, but if singer Ifé Mora has her way then this heritage won't be forgotten. Ifé herself isn't currently based in the Motor City, although this is where she's from, she's currently based in New York, and with new single 'Detroit Blues', taken from her second album 'Fire Inside Of Me' which was released in March, she taps into that raw sound.

Known, especially now, for being a run down area, this song sees Ifé expressing how tough you need to be to survive in that kind of environment, promising that "you can't break this girl from Detroit down". Musically this is a mixture of old and new. The 12-bar structures of traditional blues-rock with the primal production and raw power of more modern acts - this itself harks back to the original bluesmen who didn't have the luxury of a studio, let alone a band, to put their feelings onto tape. Her voice is strong, the song is gritty; she's done her hometown proud.

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