Monday, 17 June 2013

Sisilisko - Prepare To Die/Under Your Skin

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Being a new band, we didn't know what to expect from Sisilisko, their songs are tagged as folk and they're a duo from Sweden. More folk? Well, yes, but this isn't anything like you're expecting; this is doom folk and comes with a heck of a lot more power than anyone pissing about with a fiddle. The two songs here are quite epic and dark, almost like a storm slowly approaching on the horizon. This is probably best summed up on the fittingly-titled 'Prepare To Die'. Don't expect stripped back acoustics on this one, the gloom begins in the opening seconds and a pounding beat adds to that effect of something ominous approaching. The vocals are a low growl, those of a man who's been through the mill and come out the other side, alive but bitter and not fazed by anything. "So prepare... to die" he sings over thunderous drum rolls.

To be honest, a track like that is going to take some following, but this is a double A-side single so we have every right to expect something equally impressive. 'Under Your Skin' starts with birdsong, a total opposite of what we've just endured. The vocals have calmed down too, but you could hardly describe them as happy. And then the pounding starts again, electric guitars join in the swamp of sounds and we're plunged back into darkness. It's not quite as deathly as the opener, but it's not far off. Sisilisko may claim to be folk, but it's not as we know it. This is more like the ghosts of Grinderman possessing a folk troupe and teaching them how to make proper music, and the results are as good as that sounds.

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