Saturday, 15 June 2013

Goldheart Assembley - Billy In The Lowground

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It's been a while since Goldheart Assembly's 2010 debut album 'Wolves and Thieves', an album that contained some of the finest harmonies to hit the UK music scene for a while. Listen back to the sheer beauty of 'So Long St. Christopher' or the euphoric melodies and amazing voices of 'Under The Waterway'. These were stunning songs from a band who were kind enough to give us a live radio interview (and then spend the next two years arguing against a certain remark I made that they were more than happy with until it was nicked for an NME live review a week later). New single 'Billy In The Lowground', they'll be pleased to know, sounds nothing like a certain US harmony-laden band who may or may not have the word "foxes" in their name.

The new single isn't a total departure, but it is at the less harmonious end of the debut album's songs, instead aiming for a grittier sound. Something they achieve, but not at the expense of a good song. Although 'Billy In The Lowground' may begin in a sharper, more forceful way, those vocals still shine, and after a couple of listens the chorus begins to worm its way into your ear and makes itself cosy. They don't keep things simple either; later on a more familiar grandeur is introduced with a string section, some brass and even a hint of The Beatles. This isn't their most immediate song, but it's up their with some of their best and means that the signs are all looking good for second album 'Long Distance Song Effects' when it's released on July 1st.

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