Saturday, 15 June 2013

Big Lonely - Short Stories With Recurring Characters

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You may have spotted that lately we've been playing "guess what the music will sound like from the band/release name". It's probably not a game that will take off, but it keeps us amused. Evidence here: Canadian band called Big Lonely with an EP called 'Short Stories With Recurring Characters' and a cover that is adorned with cartoon drawings. Indiepop all the way innit! Nope, we're out on the first go. Nil points. Big Lonely's music could be described as "indie", but they like their guitars with a bit more grit and would probably pick Pixies over Belle & Sebastian any day. Vocal chords are tested, things are allowed to remain slightly shambolic, tempos and rhythms change and everything it all very much along the DIY alt-rock lines.

They drop in mythical figure 'Poseidon' as the first song here, and it could well be the best too. Despite their love of a noisier sounds there's plenty of melody and some inventive changes. Stepping up a notch or two is 'JJ-13', a ragged guitar tune that really does do potential harm to the singer's tonsils in the chorus. It should be pointed out that all other instruments are treated in the same harsh manner. 'Goody Two Shoes' sees a change, as Big Lonely have a go at a more mature-sounding slowie, resisting the temptation to batter the crap out of everything for a while. They even chuck in a tasteful guitar solo for good measure and it does contain a slow build that results in a song of considerable clout. It's soon back to something a bit more high-octane for final track 'Elliot Hopper's Ghost', another very fine and slightly ragged indie-rock track. So you should never judge a book by its cover (not that it'll stop us trying!).

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Jun 14 Sound of Music Festival, Burlington, Canada
Jun 15 Chicken Q, Georgetown, Canada  
Jun 30 Lachie 2013, Sarnia, Canada  
Jul 05 Boston Manor, Burlington, Canada

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