Sunday, 16 June 2013

Diving Bell - EP

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Following a recent gig which reported on the current music scene in Bath, we laid down the gauntlet to Bristol to show us what they've got. The trio that make up Diving Bell intend to do that, only their plan is to do so using less conventional alt-rock music, and delve deeper in the city's experimental past to come up with a new sound. This they've done on their debut 'EP'. They begin by showing us that they can make a right old din when they want to, employing a drummer who we can only assume lives on a diet of Duracell batteries, and a whole lot of ringing guitar, so much so that it pierces the brain at times. This isn't to mention the other crunching instrumental aspects. This is math-rock mixed with punk and God knows what else, but it's inventive for sure.

They're not all about brain-pummelling songs though, well, not quite. 'Glass Eyes' contains more conventional guitar and more stuttering and innovative drumming, but the song is mellower, smoother and generally less abrasive. Again it's an individual sound. If we had to pick a favourite then perhaps 'State of Man' summarises the band best, mixing all the elements we've mentioned together for an intense workout with some crudely bellowed vocals, and lastly 'The Bride' takes a pumping beat and quickly does away with any kind of conventional structure, much like the rest of the music the band give us here. Bath may have the rock 'n' roll, but Bristol, is still alive with musicians attempting the push the barriers that bit further.

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