Saturday, 15 June 2013

Fijuka - Behave (From Now On) EP

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From the opening bars of this debut EP by German/Austrian duo Fijuka you know you're dealing with music of class. It's the title-track that leads the way and it's an incredibly well made electro-pop song. It has commercial potential and it has alternative appeal too. It doesn't follow a traditional format and the end-section takes you somewhere else. It's not difficult to see why they've drawn comparisons with Lykke Li and Kate Bush; this is the same inventive music with a sprit of adventure and a touch of magic. What makes Fujuka all the more interesting is that they don't find a sound and stick to it.

They seem intent on exploring different avenues, and so 'Meredith' is less mainstream but no less interesting. Comparisons are almost redundant at this point and from these two songs it's almost impossible to understand exactly what the pair are like in general. The two songs may not be poles apart, but there's enough of a difference to easily convince you it could be two separate acts entirely. Remix fans will be in for a treat here, as the lead song is given three fine and varied makeovers, none of them are your routine, knocked together in five minute jobs. All of the trio have had effort put into them. It's what Fijuka do next that's got us most intrigued though.

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