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Pylo - Live at Moles, Bath: June 13th 2013

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Pylo are hitting the road hard at the moment and from tonight's showing, opening for The Family Rain, it has built them into a six-headed, singular, wondrous beast that unleashes a stunning power when they hit a stage. They unfold their set tonight with a slow-burning track; leading you in with an expansive soundscape, emboldening you with a sense of dramatic wonder. Offstage they talk off being a singular entity, no one greater than the sum of the parts. And this inherent synchronicity is is clear from the first chord struck. Singer Matthew Aldus is in possession of a bewitching, quite remarkable voice that serves to encapsulate you as much as the instruments around it.

Second song in is a full-blown aural assault. It rides in on melodic cacophony then hits you with vast swathes of melody and an uninhibited chorus. A controlled storm of sonic intensity. Here Aldus transforms into a loose-limbed, mesmerizing, almost shamanic sight. Akin to Nick Cave in his Birthday Party times or a modern re-imagining of Jim Morrison. Flanking him, guitarists James Scott is utterly lost in the sound and Johan Jorgensen leans back and locks into the vibe. In two unnamed songs Pylo have justified the buzz of something happening around them that is building right now. As the song concludes so are the crowd suitably rewarding to what they are being given.

After that spectacular assault, the next song is ushered in with a Floyd-like dynamic, sweeping you up into its arms then opening wide. Aldus enticing you to be drawn back to him as he unleashes his own beautiful, yet almost raw, feral instrument. These songs have a grandeur and stature that comes from Plyo being sonically tight and honed. Lean, but near awe-inspiring songs, that enable you to become fully lost in them. Not since The Verve at their creative peak has a British band created songs with such accessibility, yet scope and depth for you to explore and grow into.

Lead single 'Enemies' is the only song introduced here. That is not to say that it is any more important. Its familiarity does not diminish the impact of the others in the set. 'Enemies' showcases Pylo's strengths, but then from tonight's showing you'd struggle to find weakness. The song builds, again around Aldus' voice, taking you on a sublime trip that gives you more every time. A heartfelt thank you from Aldus, prompts an over-eager sound man to play some drab indie as if the set has finished. Pylo take this in their stride, and none of the momentum built is lost by this misstep as they head you in the closing song. They bring you down from the trip in a kaleidoscopic fashion befitting of them.

As introductions go, this one was quite remarkable.

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