Monday, 17 June 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Kapitan - Years In The Wilderness

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Teessiders Kapitan have had a slight reshuffle since we last heard from them and this has led, partly by design and, one assumes, partly down to the input of different people, to a slightly altered sound. The quartet wanted to experiment a little more on new EP 'Years In The Wilderness' which will be available from June 22nd. It's hardy a wild diversion, but subtle changes here and there do show themselves, beginning on opening track 'You', a track that's as much an intro as an actual song. Here they play around with the vocals more, creating layers of voices which drift through the tune like a haunting mist. Then with some twanging guitar and a post-punk sound that's driven by robust drumming and prevalent, mildly distorted vocals, they hammer their way into 'Dead Of Night', a song that's almost as dark as the title suggests and talks of "desolate towns" and how "you've gotta survive".

Although there are no manic changes in style throughout this EP, there is enough variation to show a band that has ideas. 'Forming Shadow' might also be rooted in post-punk, but there's a blues aspect to the track too, one that's characterised by the creepy, breathy breakdowns and sometimes fierce vocals. The tempo changes mean the song flits between spooky and angry, Again, like on all these songs, the sharp drumming is a considerable force. Blues also just about pokes its head up again on 'Exile', a tune that makes use of some more psychedelic guitar, lyrically it doesn't paint a pretty picture; one of lies and what seems to be a failing relationship. They save a powerful sonic blast for final track 'Fever', a song that possesses something of an apocalyptic quality, not just lyrically, but in the way that the drums seems more urgent, the guitars hurried and desperate and the vocals at the end screaming in anger/fear, almost as if they're escaping the incoming tide of terror. 'Years In The Wilderness' isn't a light and summery EP, it's dark, moody and brash, but while all around them may be falling apart, Kapitan sound as solid as they ever have.

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