Sunday, 2 June 2013

Die Eternias/Dust Covered Carpet - Brutal Beauty EP

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This split EP from top Austrian label Seayou Records features two stellar bands, one of whom we know and one we don't. It's Vienna's Die Eternias who sensibly get given the opening tracks of the EP (not due to being a superior band, this is purely down to their more upbeat style perhaps acting as more of an attention grabber). We featured them last year as part of a "Five For Free" section and their two songs here up well up to scratch too. 'King Youngstar' is a punky update on 60's garage-surf; the guitars are seemingly allowed to roam free, just as long as they bring in plenty of twang from time to time. It's almost like a classic freakbeat track from that period about a dysfunctional youth, with added organ to complete the effect. The Vienna outfit also serve up the delightfully titled 'Paul Is A Bastard'. Here they bring more '60s sounds but this time it's a mixture or tribal, Velvet Underground beats and a more exotic flavour, a little like The Doors had they been Mexican; it's another quality reinvention.

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The two songs offered by fellow Austrians Dust Covered Carpet are a different thing altogether. Much less sinister and creepy, these guys trade in emotional alt-rock that may resonate with a wider audience. Take 'Mouthflower', this is a stirring song with a pained vocal singing of "self disgust", although it's not wallowing in its own misery, merely expressing the anguish through music. It works well and is a definite highlight of the EP; they know how to create an atmosphere. They follow this with 'My Elegy' which tackles a similar mood but does so in a different way. Here, Dust Covered Carpet are still displaying a sense of self-pity and a expressing a lot of self-doubt. Whether this is the case personally we don't know, but there's no way they should doubt their music, as this is fine and quite majestic alt-rock. A track from both bands is available on 7" single with a download code for the others, or you can download the tracks from the links provided, we think you'll enjoy.

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