Saturday, 1 June 2013

Destruction Unit - Sonic Pearl

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Blue Cheer, MC5, Incredible Hog... these were all bands that took the psychedelic sounds that had been commonplace since the mid-'60s and combined them with the power-rock groups of the time such as Cream, The Stooges and The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and led to a new form of garage rock, one that would ultimately split into the warring factions of punk and metal. What those pioneers were inventing was basically heavy-psych, a genre currently undergoing a welcome update for a new generation. There are the same old names churning out decent psychedelia right now, but it's groups like Destruction Unit that are taking things a step further.

This track from their forthcoming 'Two Strong Hits' 7" is a total, all-consuming beast. The effect of 'Sonic Pearl' is like standing in a wind tunnel with the biggest stack of amps you're ever clapped eyes on blasting out a wall of guitar right into your face from the other end. The guitars carve a whirlwind-like path of destruction through the song and you can almost hear the drumsticks splintering in the background. No prisoners are taken on this one. Heavy metal is, more often than not, dull, overly masculine, outdated and occasionally misogynistic, not to mention full of more cliches than an Andy Townsend commentary. Destruction Unit should be applauded for proving that not all heavy sounds need to be this way, some can be absolutely stunning.

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