Saturday, 1 June 2013

Blue & Gold - Ghost Man

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With a website bio that describes how having a "a good solid piece of wood in your hand", something which singer/guitarist Chloe Raynes says she was first given by her parents at age eleven, is "useful", we can (hopefully) assume that the innuendo conjured up by that phrase was just an accident and that she is, of course, taking about a guitar. The trio she's formed in Brooklyn make music that would appear to back up that theory. Blue & Gold are a rock and roll trio that use plenty of guitar in their songs, and when we say "rock and roll", we're not talking 1950s sounds, these guys are far more up to date.

Debut single 'Ghost Man' features vocals for which the word "sultry" could have been invented and it opens with a crunching stop/start riff and slowly rumbling drums. This is alt-rock, that's certain, but there's a big blues aspect to this song too. As the song hits its stride the beat becomes firmer, the riff a little looser and some more complex fretwork is used for the chorus. The combination of these parts brings a dose of soul, and it could be argued that this is largely down to that voice, but the bluesy guitar sure helps. Breaking later on for a solo, the whole track turns more fluid. Ignore any silly euphemisms we've put into your head, 'Blue & Gold' make a serious noise.

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