Saturday 1 June 2013

Vacation - Candy Waves

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Joining the ranks of bands it's pointless even trying to Google are Cincinnati trio Vacation who've just put out the single 'Candy Waves' ahead of their album of the same name which is out on June 18th. The same date will see a reissue of their 2011 eponymous debut album for any fellow latecomers to their sound. And that sound can be described by the following press quote from an interview with Scenepointblank last year: "Jerri writes pop songs and I fuck them up". Those were the accurate words of guitarist Peyton Copes. That may be putting it simply, but it is essentially the blueprint, although the results are much better than that sounds.

'Candy Waves' is a pop song in the sense that it's full of melody and could be considered fairly simple in terms of chords and so on, but the result is a mixture of punk, conventional rock and lo-fi pop. It is indeed a bit messy, but that's all part of the appeal. This track sounds a bit like a Ramones demo and that's a high compliment indeed. The vocals are distant and tinny, the guitars are noisy and occasionally squealing and you almost find yourself rooting for the song, willing it to reach the end without totally disintegrating. This it does, naturally, and it's the shambolic nature of the recording that adds to the charm and results in a fine tune.

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Catch them live:

6/13 - Pittsburgh @ Roboto Project with Zeitgeist, No Time! (all ages)
6/14 - Philly @ Hausu with Roman Holiday and Decade (all ages) *early 7pm
6/15 - New Brunswick @ Cooler Ranch with Black Wine, Night Birds (all ages)
6/16 - Brooklyn, New York @ Fitness with Nude Beach, Survival (all ages)
6/17 - Boston @ Charlie's Kitchen with Dan Webb and the Spiders and
Landline (all ages)
6/18 - Portland, Maine @ 442 St. John Street w/ TBA
6/19 - Quebec City @Le Cercle w/ TBA
6/20 - Montreal @Rats 9 w/ TBA
6/23 - Toronto @ The Silver Dollar Room w/ Nude Beach
all dates w/ Nervosas

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