Friday 7 June 2013

Band To Check Out: Bloum

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I know people have been banging on about this for years, but isn't this whole internet thing brilliant for music? Yeah there are those who think that it's ruining things because everyone just illegally downloads their albums instead of buying them (despite the fact that it's been shown that people who use illegal means to get hold of sounds are actually more likely to go out and buy stuff), but without the net we wouldn't hear a large proportion of the music we get to listen to now (and of course this site wouldn't exist). Say we were a fanzine instead; would a quartet from Paris have been likely to find us and stick a CD in the post in the hope that we'd write about it in said fanzine? Even if it meant the people reading wouldn't be able to hear the music as it's not widely available commercially and paper doesn't work when put into a CD player?

Nope, we can tell you about French band Bloum thanks, entirely, to technological communications. Plus we can offer you songs to listen to, any time you want, and to download for absolutely nothing. 100% legally. They mix a little folktronica with some more substantial electro-rock and pop sounds, keeping the whole thing accessibly alternative. The sound is pretty much their own, although it's a mixture of borrowed parts (but then what isn't?). Latest track 'Flower Dress' sounds much darker than its title implies, thanks in part to the almost emotionless delivery, but it works a treat. Bloum sound like a band from continental Europe, they have that experimental sound that us Brits are trying to soak up at the moment, but here it's totally natural. There's a ton of mystery to be explored here, so we'll leave you with a couple of songs and point you in the direction of their SoundCloud page.

Bloum's website

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