Thursday, 13 June 2013

Big Wave Riders - Life Is Art, You Wonder

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It's always great to hear from Finnish group Big Wave Riders, they're a band we've featured on the site a few times before, but not since last summer. Since then they've released their album 'Life Less Ordinary' and now, just in time for another summer, the six-piece have given us this video to album track 'Life Is Art, You Wonder'. They're treading on classic ground here, this is a song that, had it been released at the height of baggy or shortly afterwards, would probably be considered a high-point of the whole scene, but over twenty years have passed since then, so its impact may not be as historic, yet this takes nothing away from the song.

Riding on a big beat that jangles and thumps in equal measure, they add some fantastic guitar over the top, making good use of having half a dozen members. With some larger bands like this you wonder just what half of them are doing. Not in this case. There's plenty of depth in this song and even at five minutes long it doesn't sound enough, you want it to continue. I guess that's what God invented the replay button on YouTube. Despite its length, this isn't a repetitive song, there are plenty of ideas on show, and lesser bands may have stretched these out over a couple of tracks. Not these guys. They're far too good for that.

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