Saturday, 15 June 2013

Band To Check Out: The Gloss

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Some people go to great lengths to get the message across that they'd quite like it if we could maybe give their band a little bit of publicity perhaps pretty please? Others just send in an email with "The Gloss" and a website address in them. This isn't a sign of arrogance, more an understanding that even blogs like ours (which is far smaller than, say, Pitchfork or whatever) get swamped by submissions each day. So chances are the first thing we're going to do is check the tunes and then decide whether to read further/write a piece. So listen to the tunes we did, read further we didn't as there was nothing else to read, and now writing this we are!

When we headed to The Gloss' Facebook page for more details we found they already had a sizable following, so perhaps weren't that new after all. Well, they are new, they're just snaring new fans daily, and this is down to their LA update of the kind of guitar tunes The Strokes were making when they first arrived. Certainly on the older uploads this similarity is unavoidable, but newer songs see them developing more of their own sound, although probably with the same influences as the New York lot. The important thing is that The Gloss have some very good tunes, and if their fanbase keeps on growing like it does then they're surely set for a sizable impact within the next year or so. Be prepared!

The Gloss' website

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