Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Rayys - Beautiful Friend

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We know little about Rayys, other than that we think she's a female solo artist from London and 'Beautiful Friend' is her second single, presumably following 'I'm Coming Home', the only other track uploaded to her SoundCloud page. Listening to both, it's clear that 'Beautiful Friend' is the better of the two, although why she labels herself as a folk artist is a little puzzling. Unless we assume that folk music is the music of the people (hence its name) then we have to assume that it evolves in the same way that humanity does. Using this theory, most folk groups can't be classed as such, as they're purely retro. Therefore we can call Rayys folk, but only using this theory (which I've basically just made up).

Admittedly there are acoustic guitars and flutes and so on, and you could get a conventional folk troupe to record a stripped down olde-worlde version of the song if you so desired. We'll stick with the stunning dreampop song that Rayys has created instead though. 'Beautiful Friend' is quite beautiful and recalls The Cocteau Twins as much as it does Fairport Convention. The steady and complete sound of the production elevates this track to an ethereal plane; it definitely has an otherworldly feel and the vocals are just that bit angelic which adds further weight to this notion. This is indeed a little ray of light.

Both singles are available from Rayys' website

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