Friday, 14 June 2013

Luna Is Honey - 6am

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How many times have we heard bands coming up with inventive terms to describe their sounds? Well we especially like this one from Los Angeles group Luna Is Honey who say "My Bloody Valentine covering Prince in the stars". The reason we like this so much is because it accurately describes the two songs on this new single. First from the quartet is '6am' which you can most certainly hear the influence of Prince in, and we specifically mean Prince in his '80s pomp; this is a retro sounding song. My Bloody Valentine don't come into the equation quite as much, however the influence of dreampop isn't far away on this catchy number.

The second track they include on this single is the eight-and-a-half-minute 'Tru Luv', I think we'd all agree that length-wise that's more in line with a MBV song. It is in terms of sound too. Don't go expecting walls of deafening guitar distortion, this song is rather like a toned down version; MBV on a post-show chill-out. As the track continues its journey the band do introduce more in the way of noise which comes courtesy of guitar trickery. A few pedals may be used and a few different ideas are experimented with. Oddly though, the vocals maintain a certain soulfulness, more akin to Prince than any shoegaze bands we can think of. But then it's like we said; they've described it just right.

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