Monday, 10 June 2013

Horse Party - Back To Mono

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"Coming on like Fleetwood Mac covering dEUS via Fugazi and early Verve" is what it says here. Well we'd go for The Duke Spirit covering early PJ Harvey via The Dead Weather and Throwing Muses, but that's just us. Enough musical reference points in that lot to give you an idea of what this Bury St. Edmunds trio sound like? If not then we might as well give up now. 'Back To Mono' is Horse Party's debut single, and ironically comes with the word "stereo" emblazoned across the front cover. It should also be pointed out that, despite the song title, you'll be hard pushed to find much of a Phil Spector influence here.

Interestingly, the three got together after two of them got drunk in a church and sent abusive messages to the third, ordering her to join the band. This isn't a technique we'd suggest budding musicians try, although it worked on this occasion, maybe with a little help from above. As opening statements go this bluesy alt-rock shows plenty of intent and also makes it clear that we're not dealing with shrinking violets here. Included in the abusive texts was the plan to either make or lose a million pounds, so they've got some balls (yeah, they're female, but you know what we mean). We wish them good luck on their quest and may they keep making fine tunes like this.

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