Monday, 10 June 2013

Freeweights - Rust On My Heart

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A fact we know: all of the Scandinavian countries have loads of terrific guitar-pop bands that come in many forms. Sweden has been know in the UK as a great source of quality music of this kind for years, but the more we explore, the more we find that other countries have just as rich an alternative scene. Finland in particular seems to be frequently overlooked yet we're finding top new Finnish bands on a weekly basis at the moment. The latest band we're adding to this list is Freeweights from Helsinki, a band we first reviewed earlier this year but have just backed up that initial promise (they only formed last year) with another cracking tune.

'Rust On My Heart' won't surprise you, we all know what melodic indie/pop sounds like, and Freeweights are in a similar vein to other bands from their own country and its neighbours. This is an alternative pop delight that hits the ground running and doesn't pause for breath until the end. The guitars, the bass and the firm, driving beat are familiar to anyone with a penchant for this sort of music, but it's when they spring an ace chorus on us that the song comes into its own. If this is what they've knocked together in less than a year, just think of the potential for a debut album in the next year or two. No pressure of course...

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