Saturday, 8 June 2013

Future - Abyss EP

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The fuzz of distortion has been wafting across the English channel from France on an increasingly regular basis recently, and we're not going to complain about that, especially not if it's all of the standard of this debut EP from Parisian duo Future. Formed last year, the pair are more than happy to admit that they use cold melodies and similar chords to The Jesus & Mary Chain and A Place To Bury Strangers, and this they do, but they don't half make a good job of it. Type in either of those bands to our search box and you'll find they often come up as comparisons we use in reviews, as there are so many like-minded bands out there. Future deserve to be recognised as one of the best, as they have the sound and they also have the tunes.

It's straight into the expected noise with 'Skylights', a song that doesn't really require further description than that given above; all we need to add is that it's a cut above many other current shoegazers. The exact same goes for 'Citizen', both songs are made from near identical DNA. They may not be identical twins, but they're twins nonetheless. A little more ambiance is brought in for 'Now', a song which hides the vocals amongst the fog of guitars but brightens itself with occasionally jangly percussion; it's not a huge departure but it's a welcome (slight) variation. Throughout the EP the drums are intense and driving, never allowing this to slide into dreampop territory. There's a change again on final track 'Colors' which embraces a more electronic, krautrock sound with distant, echoing vocals. So it turns out that Future are more diverse than initial impressions may make out. Either way, they've come up with a very good record here.

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